Hans Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 as a ship repairs team "HSECO" for ship repairs business and had been carried out P & O Nedlloyd Vessel's repairs with success for 2 years without Claim. At clients's  (Hyomyung Construction, Global underwater Development, San Shipping, T & I Engineering Co.) assistant, Hans Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. as an intergrated Engineering company related with a focus on Ship repairs / ship supplies / Trading / Heavy cargo transportation / Offshore operation / Underwater inspection business.

   Hans Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd. had been carried out Heavy cargo lifting, Heavy cargo transportation, Salvage with extensive theoretical and practical experience in these field by using Hyomyung Construction's Equipment(1,200 Ton Floating crane, Hammer, Drill system, Tug, Barge, etc) and also carried out acts as a marine brokerage agency in the area of heavy

cargo transportotion, the sale and purchase of marine equipment. Inthe latter function, emphasis is made on Ocean tugs / Ocean barges / Submersible vessel.

   Hans Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd. han been carried out consultancy and broking for new ship building / ship repairs and also han been carried out oversea Dry-docking repairs broking on behalf of Korea owners.

  Hans Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd. han been carried out Under water inspection (Bottom survey of vessel, Sea bottom survey, Deep sea diving) with success by using Diver suit, Hydro camera, Hydro video recorder, Hydro VTR monitor.

   The aim of Hans Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd. is to provide the highest level of first class service to our clients in a near future and we will do our best with sincere till client's satisfactory.



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